Chip count update – sanghoki Bonus

With players returning from the break here are the chip count updates after the last elimination:

Jerry Yang 67.3mil

Raymond Rahme 36.1mil

Tuan Lam 24mil

Alex Kravchenko Eliminated $1,852,721

Jon Kalmar Eliminated $1,255,069

Hevad “Rain” Khan Eliminated $956,243

Lee Childs Eliminated $705,229

Lee Watkinson Eliminated $585,699

Philip Hilm Eliminated $525,934

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Alex Kravchenko – Eliminated

Alex came into today short stacked and has a great day in general, he played hands in the right spots and didn’t just upgrade his cashout, he got to a spot at one point where he looked like he might win it all.

After getting to a high of around 30mil in chips Alex really struggled post flop, it really looked like he had some great starting hands, he just couldn’t catch the flops he needed. That was exactly what happened on his elimation hand, he went into the flop with 2 overcards, but his opponent flopped a set.

Having already won a bracelet at this years WSOP, I think we will see a lot more of Alex Kravchenko.

Alex Kravchenko all in again!

Possibly because he has too much gum in his mouth (you need to see the footage to understand that joke) or possibly because had a great hand, Alex has moved all in over the top of a raise form Tuan Lam.

Raymond Rahme went to the tank in the middle of those two but got out of the way before Alex moved all in. After the hand he claimed to have laid down pocket 6’s, because he had a feeling Alex was about to make a move.

If that really was the case that was a big move.

Keeping the heat on Alex raised to 2.1mil on Jerry Yang’s big blind and Jerry thinks before calling all in. Alex insta-calls the all in bet and his tournament life is once again on the line.

Jerry flips up pocket 8’s to be slightly ahead of Alex’s A-K.

The flop rains down an 8 to give Jerry a sudden massive lead and Alex needs runner runner cards to a straight to stay alive.

Jerry starts whooping and hollering straight away and two blank cards on the turn and river sees Alex eliminated in 4th place.

Chip count update – Bonus

Sure enough Ive checked the tape and Jerry has in fact doubled up every other competitor at the table.

Here are the chip counts:

Jerry Yang 41.5mil

Raymond Rahme 36.2mil

Tuan Lam 30mil

Alex Kravchenko 19.6mil

Jon Kalmar Eliminated $1,255,069

Hevad “Rain” Khan Eliminated $956,243

Lee Childs Eliminated $705,229

Lee Watkinson Eliminated $585,699

Philip Hilm Eliminated $525,934

To celebrate this amazing feat of charity Im turning back on the Double up bonus!

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