The 3 Most Costly AdWords Pitfalls (and How to Avoid Them)

Google AdWords is one of the most effective ways to advertise your business. However, the AdWords platform is also one of the easiest ways to throw your marketing dollars down a hole.

This book will help you navigate the three most common (and costly) mistakes advertisers make. You’ll learn strategies to maximize your budget and find the most qualified customers for your business.

The lessons within come from years of experience running AdWords campaigns for businesses across different verticals, with different budgets, and operating under different business models. However, the pitfalls they encountered were all the same. Once you finish this book, you will be able to identify wasteful spending and gain a better understanding of how to improve your AdWords campaigns moving forward.

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Advanced Amazon PPC For You!: Advertise on Amazon and Get Your Amazon PPC Down to 10% ACoS, The Definitive Experts Guide to Amazon Advertising

Welcome to your best source of Advanced learning when it comes to the Amazons Sponsored Products Ads platform. More and more it is being realized that this platform is the impetus that can make or break the newest wave of Amazon seller entrepreneurs and companies.

There really is nothing on the market at this time that shows you the exact steps involved in getting your products PPC campaigns to a profitable state. Amazon itself has attempted to train sellers to some extent, but then fails its sellers every time a new update is released. These releases typically happen about ONCE a MONTH! How is a company to keep up with all of these changes?

This book is our answer to these questions that all sellers should be asking themselves. We will answer these questions in a logical, formatted and concise manner that is easy to follow and understand. Our training promises to deliver the most advanced techniques and strategies available in any book now published. This is going to be high level training for sellers who have already had an opportunity to use the Amazon sponsored products ads platform in the past and understands the basics of operating on the platform.

This Book:

– Will show the seller, sweeping concepts of what Amazon has recently updated on its platform in regards to PPC. What and why are they making these changes? Who will these changes negatively affect the most?

– Teaches the seller how to prepare for a great PPC campaign by optimizing their product listing correctly.

– Will guide the seller will learn the best ways to gain keywords and how to effectively fill out their 1000 character search term fields so that Amazons algorithm responds favorably to them.

– Will outline the advanced concepts involved in getting your PPC ad campaigns down to an unheard of, 10% ACoS!

These are strategies that have been tested and used to great effectiveness by our team, to turn disastrous campaigns into profitable endeavours. Your company deserves the “Advanced Amazon PPC” treatment.

Here is a snapshot of what you will find in this book:

To Begin


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-The Basics

Chapter 1 (The real cost of PPC & 2016 trends)

-What does PPC really cost you and how does it compare to blast services?

-Why PPC is the wave of Amazons future and why Amazon is gunning hard to throw Blast Services off of their platform.

-Why this is important to your Amazon company?

Chapter 2 (Keywords… Why you should always look outside of the box)

-What does Amazon say about the use of keywords and are long tail phrases effective? (If you don’t know this then you shouldn’t be advertising yet!)

-Sources of keywords

-Fill out your 1000 keyword search characters effectively

Chapter 3 (Before you set up PPC you must optimize for it)

-Optimize, Optimize, Optimize!!!!

-Set up Ad copy the correct way! (Your listing will thank you for it)

-Photos! Do them correctly the first time.

-Set up your auto responder series beforehand (Effectively leverage your PPC to get quality reviews)

Chapter 4 (I’m Ready, give me that 10% ACoS!!!)

-Your mindset will determine how you proceed

-The process of testing and optimizing your keywords to reach your goal of 10% or less ACoS?

-How do I monitor and refine my PPC campaign to be most effective?

Chapter 5 (Resource Lists & Troubleshooting)

-Troubleshooting your Sponsored Ads campaign

-Resource list of useful programs

-In closing

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